“Happy is the man who earns by his hobby.”

Four creative minds, coming from four different streams, who strive to capture photos that are honest, pure and reflect people as natural as they are. We love that we balance each other out and quite literally complete each other in all aspects. We have been extremely fortunate to combine our passion of photography with our love for travel and we are forever grateful to our amazing clients who put 110% of their trust in us.

We take a stand for enjoyment, crazy, emotional & fun filled lives captured with passion and as unique as your love story. We love to document passionate stories for creative and adventurous couples who see the value in art, storytelling and preserving life’s quickest moments. This is what we are all about!!

“Don't be surprised if we join you on the dance floor at the end of the night.”
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“We love to document weddings of creative and adventurous off-beat couples madly in love with life and each other.”

We’re lover of love, here to capture those in-betweens, the messy, the real, the raw parts of your unique love story. We work well with couples who open their hearts to us and embrace their emotions. For us, building trust is done through building a genuine relationship that is built on the common goal of capturing your love in the most beautiful way possible.

Throughout the wedding day, we are watching the emotions and expressions of the couple as they interact with guests and family members, during getting ready/bride and groom preparations, during the ceremony, during the speeches, the dancing, the guest candid photographs, for the majority of the reception. This ensures that your photos are genuine, honest and real. Our goal is to give you a collection of images that fully capture your wedding day, your story, and continues to transport you back to those moments for generations.

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Our Team

Trying to get Hundred HALF DRUNK & HUNGRY people to look at us at the same time
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